Saturday, March 31, 2007

The face of a fiend

Isn't this the face of a fiend? A fiend on drugs?

Truth is, I'm the real fiend in this situation. Why? This may be creating a little internet liability for me here, but I have to admit: I drug my cat, and not for her own good.

I let Livy into the catnip two or three times a year. I invariably feel guilty. Supposedly, catnip isn't harmful, and cats can use it every day. But when I see my gentle, spacey cat with a little *boing!* bubble over her head, I know this is a powerful, cat-mind altering substance. What's worse, it isn't self-administered. Sure, if I leave my night table drawer open, she'll sniff it out sometimes. But when I take her Cat in the Hat toy, rub it in catnip, and drag it along the floor in front of her, poor kitty doesn't have a choice. I might as well be putting kitty sleeping pills in her food and posing her in doll clothes while she's zonked out.

It feels unethical. And yet, so cute! When does the catnip good outweigh the catnip evil? If it's responsibly administered and never abused or used for the wrong reasons, is it okay?

Is this the face of an addict?


Jana said...

All delly does in response to cat nip is drool.


Sarah O. said...

Yes, I've seen that response before too - Dusty turned into a veritable Saint Bernard when he got near the 'nip. Livy just gets frisky. You should have seen her wrestling with that rug.