Monday, February 05, 2007

Nephew blogging: Any day of the week

My brother's family had a myriad of tasks to accomplish and appointments to attend yesterday and today in town. They spent last night here at our house, and while my brother and Dad went over to a neighbour's house to watch the Superbowl, my sister-in-law, Mom and I played 80's Trivial Pursuit. A love of board games is just one more thing my s-i-l has brought to this family, and I have to say, I'm really happy about it (not just about the board games, we love you!). I never had cravings to play board games before she came into our lives.

Oh, how did the game go, you say? I'm sure Mom will fill you in in the comments section.

Naturally, the opportunity could not go by without me pulling out the camera. I'm still rectifying the Kohl shortfall, so here is one picture of Kohl playing the piano. It's the first thing he heads to, after the obligatory welcome hugs. This picture was hard to edit with my rudimentary tools because of all the digital noise, so I had to embrace those shortcomings and aim for "atmospheric":

And Kohl and Kamron (who is sick, hence the flushed cheeks, poor chicken):

Nephews. Such great distractions from schoolwork. But, alas, back to my TA prep.


Anonymous said...

Grandkids are neat (nephews to you) and so different. As to the Trivial Pursuit 80's, I suck big time. I must have been busy raising kids and working. Or may be my memory purposefully forgot all that 80's stuff, CAUSE IT WAS SO BAD, in comparison to the 60's and 70's, that is.

Guess Who?

Adam said...

You're really impressing me with your camera-work Sarah...If only we'd put this much effort into j-school eh? :P

Sarah O. said...

Well if I had of gone for photographer at Centretown instead of grabbing the Last-minute Stupid Story Reporter, think how things might have been different! But I didn't speak up.

Oh, and thanks!