Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Lost Philosophers

Who saw Lost tonight? Wasn't it fantastic? I absolutely loved the Desmond "backstory".

So I'm here to test your memory and your wikipedia skills. I've noticed since the first season that some characters are named after famous philosphers. I'll share the ones I have noticed. It feels like I'm forgetting someone, so if you can help name a few more, it would be greatly appreciated. Following that request, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help me determine if the naming is just an inside joke of the show's writers, or if it conveys any meaning? I have explained what little I know.

Danielle Rousseau: is Rousseau. The original Rousseau had a lot to say about man's natural state. Could the fact that Rousseau is a crazy woodswoman have anything to do with her name?

John Locke: John Locke. Nature boy. Does he have anything in common with his namesake?

Juliet Burke: Also her ex-husband, Edmund Burke. Apparently the original E. Burke shared similarities with Adam Smith?

Desmond: full name, Desmond David Hume! Both the original Hume and Desmond are Scottish.

So, who am I missing? Has anyone seen this mentioned on any of the Lost message boards? I don't frequent them.

Also, some peripherals:
Kate Austen: Jane Austen?
James "Sawyer" Ford: like the character Tom Sawyer? You know, southern, ragamuffin, gets in trouble?
Boone Carlyle: Thomas Carlyle? Also, Daniel Boone?

UPDATE: Oh, Boo. The tv wiki has noticed it too. Well, it must have been someone exceptionally clever who wrote that, right? ;)


Anonymous said...

You are so smart and well read. I guess my commerce education didn't prepare me to recognize any philosophers, Now, economics and accounting, Oh Yeah!


crysrose28 said...

I know your post is over a year old, but I came across it when I googled "Lost and Philosophers" and I just wanted to add a couple more that I noticed...

-John Locke (John Locke)
-David Hume (Desmond)
-Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Danielle)
-Hugo de Groot (De Groot from Dharma video)
-Jeremy Bentham (dead Locke's name)
-John Austin (Kate Austin)
-Anthony Cooper (Locke's dad)
-Stephen Hawking (Ms. Hawking)
-Edmund Burke (Juliet's husband)
-Mikhail Bakunin (Mikhail)
-Thomas Carlyle (Boone's last name)

I think it's fair to say the makers of this show are familiar with philosophers.

Anonymous said...

And Desmond Hume (David Hume)also Daniel Faraday? Not a philosopher but interesting choice of name!

bobc said...

Michael Faraday was a 19th century scientist who studied electrochemical reactions.