Monday, January 15, 2007

The Works

Not much new to say, but I thought I would post anyway. Here's another pic from Kohl and Kamron's stay over New Years. The one at the start of this post is a small detail of our New Years Eve fireworks - a few fountain fireworks that were imported completely legally from the United States by my father, after Mom and Dad's trip out West this summer. Apparently they have gigantic fireworks warehouse-like stores out there? I think I'd be afraid to work in one. The second pic hardly needs description, but certainly shows the boys' different approach to have cameras in front of them. Kam stares rapt, and then grabs. Kohl makes a face, or hides, or does both, although sometimes the mood takes him to pose properly.

I *really* need to finish this essay. I *really* need to get out, do things, take more pictures! It's snowing today... The juncos are sheltering from the snow by sitting on the birdfeeder. Just sitting. The cat is watching them at the window. I thought I was okay with this snow-free winter, but it does look very beautiful outside, with the dusk falling, and the sky and the ground the same colour of indigo...

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