Tuesday, January 02, 2007

That bird has mad skillz

And since I've started with one less-than-typical post, I thought I might carry through with another.

A parrot in New York has been exhibiting some amazing language skills. He's also a comedian. And he's cute! (That sounds terribly humanist to me, judging animals on their looks, as if it qualifies their skill level. If I had said that about a woman I'd be kind of offended. But really, when we're talking about a parrot with a sense of humour who talks like a human and invents words as fast as Stephen Colbert, how can I *not* anthropomorphize the little birdy?)

I have a friend whose brother was interested in Coco the gorilla a few years ago, partly because she shows such amazing powers of comprehension and sympathy. But to hear of a bird with such sophisticated communication skills is really, dare I say it, *cool*.

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