Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Catblogging - Workplace Stalker Edition

I've decided to embrace the kinda-still-New-Year and introduce a new feature to my blog: It's time to adopt catblogging as one of my Official Blogging Practices (already established: nephew pics, flora pics, self-indulgent procrastination rants and book-talk).

For those of you uninitiated in the joys of catblogging:

"(Traditionally "Friday catblogging") is the practice of posting pictures of cats, in typical cat postures and expressions, on a blog. Sometimes a comment on the cat or the situation shown is provided. Cats had been on web pages already, but "catblogging" as a distinct and defined practice originated on Calpundit by Kevin Drum. He also established Friday as the canonical catblogging day." (From Wikipedia)

Now, I have to admit that as a co-student, I have a kind of morbid curiosity in any fellow student doing work. You know what it's like in office environments, walking past someone's cubicle and nonchalantly using your Superpowered Peripheral Vision to check out the computer screen or desk. And knowing that you are subject to the same scrutiny in kind. For anyone plagued with this problem, I would suggest a Mac. They were designed to help you hide that blog, sudoku game, or photo editor with a mere flick of the eyelash. That's right. They're built with Startle Recognition Software, so if they sense even the slightest guilt-twitch, they minimize the offending programs and pull up the Real Important Stuff instead. iKidyounot.

I do most of my (non)writing at home, where my nosy co-worker is none other than the Queen of Work Avoidance, Miss Olivia. Forget that coworker who comes back from lunch and leans on your desk, spreading invisible Pigeon Bench Cooties everwhere. We're talking Litterpaws. And the always-lovely Tail Butt Walkby. And the Swishy Keyboard Tail Swipe. This is a co-slacker who is only enjoyable when she's sleeping, and not beaming her Lazerbeam Eyes of Criticalness all over your paltry attempt at an essay.


Anonymous said...

She did it! She did it! Sarah finished that paper. She has her life back, (for a while, at least)

an excited housemate

Adam said...

Go to Cute Overload and you'll never look at animals the same again. The comments are hilarious. People get way too excited when they see photos of a bunny in a tophat, etc.