Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I've mentioned before how hard it can be to get a nice picture of my nephew Kohl. I seized the opportunity New Year's Day, when we were driving Kohl and Kamron in to meet their mom and dad (That's right, folks, I had to wait until he was firmly buckled in to a moving vehicle to get a nice shot). You can see the progression of things. Sleepy Kohl, cranky Kohl, silly Kohl, and then smiling Kohl. I forced the last one out of him by cutting off his silly-ness mid-contortion, and making a ridiculous face of my own.


Melanie said...

Hi Sarah,
I noticed your blog on Scott and Dee's blog. I am procrastinating writing my thesis! I love the pics of your nephews. I have never met Kam he seems sweet!

Have a great day!
Melanie Coombs

Adam said...

That's so cute it even warms my cold robot heart :)