Monday, December 04, 2006

"Kitty, a fair but frozen maid"

I have plenty of pictures to post from this past weekend with Kohl and Kamron, but very little time to do it in. That will have to wait until later. I did want to share, however, this picture, one of the many I took today, trying to set down in megapixels the First Snow of the Year (cue Hawksley Workman). Scanning through my pictures, I kept seeing this blue haze hovering over the neighbour's garage, seen as those little squares of light in the left-hand corner. I quite suddenly realized what that blue glow was in this picture, and it was an eerie realization to say the least.

Well? What do you think of my little bulb setting experiment (that's where the camera shutter stays open for as long as your finger is on the button)? I'm still a little too spooked out by it to like it much, but it was a cool little accident.

Also I could not pass up the perfect opportunity to use that line from _Emma_.

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