Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Get it while it's cold

I was up late last night due to cold-and-stress-induced-insomnia, so I decided to take some more pictures of snow (why not?). I've been readingthis blog a lot recently, and am awed and amazed (and ashamed for my cheesy little photos) by what this photographer is capable of, and his approach to digital photography. So I decided to take some pictures using my bulb setting to see what would happen (he has recently been turning night into day using long exposures). My results are far from impressive - the longest exposure I can take sans bulb is 15 seconds, and I need 30 - 50 second exposures to get the right results. They are shaky from holding the shutter button down for so long and all that, but I still think they are neat enough to share.

Above, you see a picture of last night's full moon - it's the only one in December, and against the swift-moving clouds, it looked more like a moon you would find hovering over a desert in Arabian Nights than a lil' ol' Bluenose moon.

I love this one - the long exposure makes the hideous orange light from the street look like the rising sun. I have a brighter one, but it is far more shaky. If you click on the picture to see it full size, you may understand my comparison a bit better.

Then, the Three Sentinels - the trees outside my window standing guard against the elements.

Driving in to town this evening was another beautiful experience. The snow is still on all the branches, the sun had just set and there was a pearly purple-orange glow in the sky. The cars coming toward me in the dim, with their shimmering headlights looked like a chain of diamonds, and the houses on Lake Echo decorated up for Christmas were like fairy lights hovering in the distance. With such lovely visions, is it any wonder I'm blogging and not doing schoolwork?!?!

And no, I have NOT been reading LM Montgomery lately, though she usually has this effect on me. Maybe I will indulge during the Christmas break.

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