Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas 2006?

Here is part one of my Christmas post. I've been saying that I plan on holding *my* Christmas in the third week of January, once all my schoolwork is in. If anyone has some leftover Christmas cake, send it here! The question mark in the title is because I'm not really sure Christmas has happened for me yet. Maybe by epiphany?

Christmas cake, as you know, is a hit-or-miss kind of food. I heard a food writer once use it as an example of how people taste. There are people who, when they eat a food, like it to taste the same all the way through. Then there are those who are willing to eat a cake (for instance), and have a new taste and texture to each bite. Me? I like the variety. But I do respect the tastebuds of those less adventurous... heee.

But I digress.

Christmas Eve bulletin, from my view in the sound booth. It was an Osborne Family spectacular! (That is to say, we were over-represented).

Dad, putting his new pineapple slicer to work.

Kam (so cute)! Kohl wouldn't stay in one place long enough to get a picture of him. Hence no picture.

Shortbread! I cooked it slowly in the oven, but it probably could have stayed in another 15 minutes. It didn't dry out completely, so it was moist and chewy, soooo delicious.

Part two of my Christmas post will mainly be decorations and tree and hopefully snow! Hold on to yer boots!

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