Thursday, November 02, 2006


Don't you just love it when your post is finished and ready to publish, and blogger goes down? Or maybe the wireless router at your house? Yes, fun times.

In any case, last night I was attempting to share this short little story with you. It seemed to be a day for the birds, because I had two encounters. As I was sitting at my desk yesterday morning, this precocious little bluejay - I am calling him Wingnut - decided that my office window might be the perfect place to hide his stolen peanut. He checked it out a few times and eventually decided to pass (Bleak House may look abandoned but it is inhabited by ferocious MAs such as myself), but I hope to see him again.

And then a starling at the ferry terminal asked to share my donut with him. He chose the wrong time to beg, however - he showed up just as I had stuck the last of it in my mouth - and I only had sugar bits to share with him. We had a short conversation - all politeness on my side, and impertinent chirps and feather-puffing on his - and then I had to catch the ferry. He watched me go, I think he was as sad to end our brief acquaintance as I was.


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