Monday, November 06, 2006

Ou est le camera?

I can't seem to find my camera tonight to upload any new photos. If I don't find it tomorrow morning I will be very concerned, but for now I am perplexed.

In lieu of any other pictures (well, I have plenty, but don't feel like sharing out of the Sarah O. library tonight), and because I am mildly addicted to blogging and blog-reading, I'll post a pic or two of myself that I took with my macbook photo booth. They are only of me because I have found it awkward to carry a computer around and point it at things. Seriously. I don't generally like pictures of myself! I thnk my neck gets turkey-ish. So I have chosen the least poultry-like to share.

I like this last one the best, shall we name it "Ghost Kitty"? She wouldn't pose by herself so I had to hold her. And then I had to scratch her chin so she would hold still. And then she would close her eyes. Oh yes, computer pic-taking is *very* tricky.

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