Monday, November 27, 2006

November afternoon

I wandered out into the yard today to take pictures of whatever I could find, and was thoughtful enough to bring my tripod with me this time. Hence the clear images, with no blur! So I am sorry if this post takes longer to load than usual, but I was happy enough with these pictures to want to post them as large as possible.

Echinacea seed head

Olivia, looking intense (she has been practising in the mirror).

This picture of the cat was, naturally, not taken outside, but in my room. Any of you who know Livy will understand that, as mesmerising as birds at the feeder are, late November is decidedly *not* the time of year for a kitty of her self-professed pedigree to be leaving the warm confines of her palace. I was very pleased to have her sit still enough for a close-up, and so I include it with the other pics.

Berries in the back yard.

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