Thursday, November 23, 2006

I-will-not-refer-to-the-festivities-now-approaching. . .

. . . But I will post some pics that have reminded me of it.

Frosty grass - no snow yet, not even a flurry.

A "Late Autumn" cactus

The cotoneaster in the grey morning light.

Honestly, I cannot believe that December is almost upon us! I'm pretty occupied with my School Stressing activities right now, but really looking forward to what the rest of December will bring. Most of you probably know how excited I get about holiday decorating and visiting and baking and *eating.* Especially eating to the sounds of Bing Crosby and a roaring fire (that ticking noise the wood stove makes can actually be quite rhythmic). Before I get to all of that, I have to keep my mind on the many, many tasks at hand. I can at least eat sweets, listen to Bing, and grade at the same time, right? In fact, that might help the students out considerably.

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Scott and Dee said...

I hear ya, Sarah- I'm all about Christmas- if you have any good recipes pls pass them along!