Sunday, October 08, 2006


Mom, Dad and I drove to Nine Mile River on Friday, where Dad has an aquaintance who has rented out his land to a Hollywood movie. Tentatively called "Jesus and the Vikings," it is a rollicking romp through time and space, to an age when the vikings cavorted in autumnal fields with sonorous spaceships and beady-eyed aliens. Or rather, its a $40 million film called Outlander starring Eomer from Lord of the Rings and Jesus from Passion of the Christ. The premise is that a spaceship carrying a human-like alien crashes on earth, and teams up with some vikings to beat a mean old alien that followed him there.

While I took pictures, I can't put any up, because I have been notified that I *will* be prosecuted. Maybe after it's out on video we can look at my pics and compare and contrast.

In lieu of half-built viking huts and halls, I have included two pictures from Friday night, when I decided to document the full Hunters Moon. You will perhaps excuse my ugly mug in one of them. ;)

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