Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Santa's Seamstress

I spent the weekend - and parts of yesterday, and parts of today - sewing my nephew Kohl's Halloween costume. Not being the most affluent "aunty" (I'm his only aunt by family, but one of a few adopted aunts), I really enjoy being able to make Kohl his costume. Although this is only the second year I have made his costume (he is only two), I hope I will be able to make him many more. Last year Kohl was Elmo (and cuter than the real deal, if I may say so myself), and this year. . .

This year, Jen asked Kohl what he wanted to be for Halloween. I can just picture it. He looks at her, all earnestness in his eyes, and utters the fateful words:

"Ho Ho."

"Ho Ho?" Jen says.

"Ho Ho, Santa" Kohl replies, nodding his head solemnly.

So there it is! My nephew, original little thinker that he is, wants to be Santa Claus for Christmas! And I have spent the last three days slaving over bright red flannel, securing hems and attaching sleeves and (with Mom's help) mostly hand-sewing on the fur trim. I also made him the tiniest black vinyl belt with gold buckle, it pulls the whole thing together, "gowr geous".

I will post the pictures of the completed costume once it is done. For now, if any of you are at all interested, you will have to settle for these little teases. My, do I love that macro setting!

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Scott and Dee said...

Very cool pictures. It'll be great to see the whole thing. Sorry I haven't answered your Foucault (sp? I forget right now)/Peterson email yet, but I will! Scott