Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Getting to know Jane (again)

In my search for things that help me procrastinate, I started visiting the Bronteana blog as well as the Austenblog that I already linked. There is a big to-do right now about the new Jane Eyre miniseries airing on the BBC in the UK, and my interest was piqued in said notable novel (I would especially encourage you to visit the Mr. Rochester picspam site that I linked on the right - it is hilarious). I haven't read Jane Eyre since I was in my teens. When I first read it, I found it an earnest, passionate kind of book, but I saw little humour in it and Jane was like a plain little sparrow with no song.

Naturally, I needed a book to keep me from my work this weekend, so I pulled Jane Eyre off the shelf and started to read. And I read, and read, and read. How could I have missed Flirty Rochester and Witty Jane? How did I ever perceive her steadfastness and sense of right as mere Victorian Protestantism? Disagree with me if you like, but I have found Charlotte Bronte's novel such a vivid combination of passion and her own particular brand of Protestantism, that I quite like it. St. John Rivers gives me the shivers the same as before, but I have some sympathy for his character now. And I love Jane's combination of propriety, bluntness, self-knowledge and passion. And of course, there is always Mr. Rochester, who has certainly knocked Mr. Darcy out of his spot, and is even swiftly over-taking Captain Wentworth! The ground trembles beneath my feet, the very foundations of the earth shake!

Laugh at me if you will, but I say *read the book first.*

And now, time for the ever-necessary Autumnal Display. I, too, have been pictaking, and have included three close-ups. I love fall in the Maritimes (although I do remember one vivid walk in Gatineau Park that softens my opinions of an Ontario fall, too).


Scott and Dee said...

Nice pics, Sarah! What camera do you have? Ours is dying. My sister was jane eyre in a high school play once, that's my knowledge of it right there!

Sarah O. said...

Hi Dee, thanks so much! I use and Olympus SP-350. Its 8 megapixel and 3x optical zoom, and it has an absolutely fantastic super-zoom, I can get about 1.5 cm away from something and it will still focus perfectly. I paid about $299 for it in July. It takes an XD card, which can be about $5 more expensive than the SD ones, but its processing speed is noticeably faster, so it more than makes up.

Originally I was looking for a Canon or Fuji, but the Olympus turned out to be just as great (and certainly cheaper than the Fujis), and I like the photo software that comes with it. I have also dealt with their customer service hotline, and they were realIy polite, helpful, and what's more, human. I would definitely recommend an Olympus as soon as I would a Fuji or Canon.

I think the thing I love best about it (once you acquaint yourself with the features) is a lot of flexibilty with the aperture and shutter and white balance, etc. Using this camera has actually taught me how to take better pictures with my film SLR, since I can see the immediate results of modifying little things like aperture and over-or-under exposing something.

Sorry for the tome, but I'm really pleased with my camera and have been meaning to write down the specs somewhere on my site, so it might as well be here and now!