Monday, October 02, 2006

Buffy Sainte-Marie

My parents and I decided to go to the Buffy Sainte-Marie concert tonight at the last minute (or nearly). It was definitely one of those spontaneous decisions that pay off big. She was fantastic, in top form (both musically and physically, at a golden 65 years old), charismatic, and personable. What an amazing lady. Perhaps half of you might not have taken me for a Buffy fan, and the other half don't know who Buffy is. Find a cd and let loose! She's super.

Fav songs: Universal Solider, Starwalker, Bury My Heart (At Wounded Knee), Up Where We Belong, Priests With the Golden Bowl, okay, everything.

The pictures aren't great, my camera's fancy metering does not like concert lighting. If anyone is actually interested, I can show some better ones when Mom uploads her camera.

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