Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fire "unbalanced"

I was playing around with the white balance on my camera the other day, and took a few nifty pictures of the fire, and decided to share one.

I've never seen the aurora borealis, but after watching that strange greenish flame hover and dance along the logs, I think I have an idea - a very small one - of how it feels to see the aurora. Plus, I was a heckuva lot warmer.

More terminal art

I took the Woodside Ferry again on Thursday, and took a picture as I was going down the first set of stairs. The light is just lovely over the harbour in the mornings, and I thought the grid of the windows lent themselves rather well to the use of one of the art features in my photo editor. Hope it's not too over-the-top.

Hungry Hippocat

Yes, it's a set-up, and yes, its terribly corny and cat-lady-ish, and yes, it has little if no aesthetic value as a photograph... but it sure is cute! Especially if you know Livy, who is the most ladylike, finicky eater ever. She's a fanatic about watching her weight. So picture how big her eyes got when she saw her new dish!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

My 12-step program

Step number one; admit you have a problem.

I have a problem.

I just can't get enough of "Baby Tamron"!!!

Such a cutey. And posting them on my blog means I don't have to carry a photo album around with me where ever I go. And if his mouth looks strange on the first one, it's just because he is putting his thumb in his mouth and the shutter speed was too slow to record it properly.

Sarah O's ready-to-wear Fall-Winter 2006 collection

Well, I wasn't able to get a picture of Kohl modeling his Santa suit for us, because he was tired, and whiny, and as he said, "me Santa scared NOOOOO!!!" In other words, he wasn't too keen on following through on his Santa idea yesterday evening.

Jen and Chris tell me he will come around, which I certainly hope for, as I spent far too much time on that suit to the neglect of school work!

Without further ado,

"The Suit"

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Santa's Seamstress

I spent the weekend - and parts of yesterday, and parts of today - sewing my nephew Kohl's Halloween costume. Not being the most affluent "aunty" (I'm his only aunt by family, but one of a few adopted aunts), I really enjoy being able to make Kohl his costume. Although this is only the second year I have made his costume (he is only two), I hope I will be able to make him many more. Last year Kohl was Elmo (and cuter than the real deal, if I may say so myself), and this year. . .

This year, Jen asked Kohl what he wanted to be for Halloween. I can just picture it. He looks at her, all earnestness in his eyes, and utters the fateful words:

"Ho Ho."

"Ho Ho?" Jen says.

"Ho Ho, Santa" Kohl replies, nodding his head solemnly.

So there it is! My nephew, original little thinker that he is, wants to be Santa Claus for Christmas! And I have spent the last three days slaving over bright red flannel, securing hems and attaching sleeves and (with Mom's help) mostly hand-sewing on the fur trim. I also made him the tiniest black vinyl belt with gold buckle, it pulls the whole thing together, "gowr geous".

I will post the pictures of the completed costume once it is done. For now, if any of you are at all interested, you will have to settle for these little teases. My, do I love that macro setting!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

All bowled over

First of all, thanks to everyone who sent along birthday greetings! My birthdays are always low-key affairs, so I really appreciate your thoughts.

Kristen came home yesterday (and went back to Sackville NB today), so she Jacquie and I had an impromptu get-together last night. And what do you do with friends on a Monday night? Go bowling of course! We were all evenly matched, so I am afraid I became a little more interested in the record-keeping than usual.

Jacquie thought I was crazy...

And Kristen did, too.

But it's okay, I know who my *real* friends are...

Group shot.

Jana, we missed you!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Roast Soggy Chicken

Whew! it is toasty in here folks. Last week, Dad and his buddies moved the wood stove back in to the basement. We have half a winter's worth of wood to burn, left over from Hurricane Juan. It was cold in the house Thursday and tonight, so we have had a fire both nights. But this is a *good* stove, and it isn't yet winter temperatures outside - so I'm about ready to melt. The cat is enjoying it, though. I feel like that creepy commercial where the woman's wrists burst into flame, but right now, I think ALL of me is ready to combust.

I shouldn't really complain, though. My office (formerly the spare room) was plagued with a leak today, and this was the view of the back yard:

Thursday, October 12, 2006

One Year Older...

I'm one year older every day, of course, but today (Oct. 11, that is) is my birthday. All in all, very non-eventful, but I can't really remember an eventful birthday yet. Not that I'm complaining - I'm not really the crazy birthday kind of girl. And I would hate to miss the "At this hour ___ years ago, I was..." stories. You know Lorelai's tradition on the Gilmore Girls, how she wakes Rory up ever year and makes her listen to her birth story? Well I get the same thing, only at 10:17 p.m. Too funny.

Anyway, I did get a cake (with sparklers!), and a little present (I didn't ask for anything but this). Can you figure out what it is?

And of course, the requisite birthday self-portrait. Not that its a portrait, but you know what I mean. Don't I look thoughtful? I had to try to be a little serious, seeing as I am now entering my late-early-twenties. Next year will be early-mid-twenties, so I really should enjoy this year. *winks in recognition of irony*

My Ideal Date

You know what the future holds for me when my idea of a "romantic walk on the beach" requires a leash - and a cat. It was just me and Livy today out for adventures. I sat around all day with nothing but cryptic readings for activity, so I finally got out of the house before bible study. It's been a while since I posted some cat pics, I figure its about time.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Livy does not like the ocean. It is pretty wet, I admit. But she didn't mind the dunes, and she even knew what to do with the sand. Ahem!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Getting to know Jane (again)

In my search for things that help me procrastinate, I started visiting the Bronteana blog as well as the Austenblog that I already linked. There is a big to-do right now about the new Jane Eyre miniseries airing on the BBC in the UK, and my interest was piqued in said notable novel (I would especially encourage you to visit the Mr. Rochester picspam site that I linked on the right - it is hilarious). I haven't read Jane Eyre since I was in my teens. When I first read it, I found it an earnest, passionate kind of book, but I saw little humour in it and Jane was like a plain little sparrow with no song.

Naturally, I needed a book to keep me from my work this weekend, so I pulled Jane Eyre off the shelf and started to read. And I read, and read, and read. How could I have missed Flirty Rochester and Witty Jane? How did I ever perceive her steadfastness and sense of right as mere Victorian Protestantism? Disagree with me if you like, but I have found Charlotte Bronte's novel such a vivid combination of passion and her own particular brand of Protestantism, that I quite like it. St. John Rivers gives me the shivers the same as before, but I have some sympathy for his character now. And I love Jane's combination of propriety, bluntness, self-knowledge and passion. And of course, there is always Mr. Rochester, who has certainly knocked Mr. Darcy out of his spot, and is even swiftly over-taking Captain Wentworth! The ground trembles beneath my feet, the very foundations of the earth shake!

Laugh at me if you will, but I say *read the book first.*

And now, time for the ever-necessary Autumnal Display. I, too, have been pictaking, and have included three close-ups. I love fall in the Maritimes (although I do remember one vivid walk in Gatineau Park that softens my opinions of an Ontario fall, too).

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Mom, Dad and I drove to Nine Mile River on Friday, where Dad has an aquaintance who has rented out his land to a Hollywood movie. Tentatively called "Jesus and the Vikings," it is a rollicking romp through time and space, to an age when the vikings cavorted in autumnal fields with sonorous spaceships and beady-eyed aliens. Or rather, its a $40 million film called Outlander starring Eomer from Lord of the Rings and Jesus from Passion of the Christ. The premise is that a spaceship carrying a human-like alien crashes on earth, and teams up with some vikings to beat a mean old alien that followed him there.

While I took pictures, I can't put any up, because I have been notified that I *will* be prosecuted. Maybe after it's out on video we can look at my pics and compare and contrast.

In lieu of half-built viking huts and halls, I have included two pictures from Friday night, when I decided to document the full Hunters Moon. You will perhaps excuse my ugly mug in one of them. ;)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

It was a dark and stormy morning...

Today started out decidedly dreary, but feeling more content than I have in a while, I actually enjoyed the grim rain and wind; it was actually quite pretty. I took the Woodside ferry across the harbour today. It is a much nicer trip than the Alderney ferry, a great view of the light bedecked cruise ships as they dwarf George's Island, more of the waterfront, and just a few minutes longer, you really get to settle in to the ride.

I think tomorrow we are going to see the film set of a movie I like to call "Jesus and the Vikings." I'm really looking forward to it. And then, Thanksgiving weekend, my favourite holiday, and birthday week!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Buffy Sainte-Marie

My parents and I decided to go to the Buffy Sainte-Marie concert tonight at the last minute (or nearly). It was definitely one of those spontaneous decisions that pay off big. She was fantastic, in top form (both musically and physically, at a golden 65 years old), charismatic, and personable. What an amazing lady. Perhaps half of you might not have taken me for a Buffy fan, and the other half don't know who Buffy is. Find a cd and let loose! She's super.

Fav songs: Universal Solider, Starwalker, Bury My Heart (At Wounded Knee), Up Where We Belong, Priests With the Golden Bowl, okay, everything.

The pictures aren't great, my camera's fancy metering does not like concert lighting. If anyone is actually interested, I can show some better ones when Mom uploads her camera.

Flowers before frost

There was talk of a frost this evening, so I went into my garden to cut some flowers. It is always a little sad cutting flowers, but I would feel worse if the frost killed them off and they lost their chance to glow. Naturally, I had to go a little crazy documenting them via photo op once they were arranged. Please indulge me.

The thing about the quality of the light today for taking pictures was that everything ended up looking a bit nostalgic - the yellows and red intennse, but with that greenish tinge like an old women's magazine on cheap paper. Maybe I should have taken pictures of our kitchen utensils instead.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

. . . In the g'rage

Dad has been cleaning his garage the last couple of days, so I thought it was time for some g'rage pics. I love it when everything starts getting put into little orderly piles, when order emerges from the mayhem!

The first image has, naturally, been edited. It felt right.