Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend jaunt

Jacquie and I went camping this weekend. Our main destination was Port Royal, where Jacquie wanted to do research for a Planning class. Really, we just ended up playing around. I could go on and on about Port Royal's significance to Canadian public history, but its also just a great place to dress up when all the elderly tourists aren't looking.

After "hitting" Port Royal, Jacquie and I went to Annapolis Royal, where I finally got to go to the botanical gardens! It was a blast, I really loved the Victorian garden. Those Victorians, such tacky, exuberant taste in plants!

Also saw the most fantastic antique/nautical/hardware/giftshop! Anyone passing through, please pick me up the glass starfish, about 8 inches across, $15. I couldn't justify spending at the time, but I sure can now.

Today after packing up the tent (we stayed in Delap's Cove, on the Fundy Shore) we took a leisurely saunter back along the old #1 to Windsor, where we attended the Hants County Exhibition. Unfortunately it was mostly 4-H competitions this weekend, so I didn't get to see the plethora of befurred and befeathered bunnies and chickens that I did last year (*sigh*), but there were a lot of goats and I scratched their heads. There were also HUGE horses, about 7 feet tall, and I did not like them. Scary.

But the "big" draw, of course, is the giant pumpkins! I'd love to see the pumpkin regatta some day, but for now I will settle for the pumpkin-and-garden-tiller display.

An excellent weekend.

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