Friday, September 15, 2006

Mr. Burro-ito

What did I behold when I exited the ferry to Dartmouth today, but a parking lot, empty of cars and full of animals. There is some kind of country music festival taking place at Alderney Gate this weekend, and half of the parking lot is now a petting zoo. No country music concert is complete without two goats, two llamas, a handful of pigs, a calf, and a burro, of course. The pavement has been covered with straw and the goats and llamas are greedily chomping at the dried corn stalks decorating the fence. Not this delightful Mexican burro, though, he's waiting for handouts of corn cobs from my father. So cute.

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Vital Signs said...

Beautiful photos! May I borrow your burro with wildflowers pic for the cover of and arts publication in a small town in New Mexico? I will give you credit and direct folks to your blog.

Pretty please?