Friday, September 01, 2006

...More Bus Blight, and back to Glasgow

Naturally, my morning tour to Culloden was complicated by the fact that the normal tour bus had broken down, and we had to cram onto a mini bus instead. There almost wasn't room for me! Then, Thursday afternoon, the bus was late getting to Inverness, so we had to wait an extra hour to take the next bus - although it worked out for me, I didn't have to change buses at Perth. But then again it didn't, because I got to talking to a girl named Nicola from outside Inverness, and I missed all the scenery. :(

Went shopping today in Glasgow, bought *way* too much, but I think, I *think* I will be able to pay it off on my next credit statement. I don't feel the horrible panic of overspending, in other words, so let's hope my credit statement confirms my beliefs! I bought three pairs of shoes... when did I become a shoe person? Ooooh, shoes... it's a terrible, terrible sickness.

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