Sunday, September 03, 2006


I got home at around 6 pm last night, the flight was uneventful but the combination of traffic and the length of the security line certainly added to the stress of getting to the gate. The meal on the plane was shepard's pie, not very good but I did skim all the mashed potatoes off the top and eat those. It was kind of exciting seeing islands under the plane that I had biked around a week or two earlier - I got an excellent picture of Barra and Vatersay, very cool.

It's so nice to sleep in my own bed again! Naturally, I had to include a picture. Please note kitty-cat on the bed. She apparently spent a lot of time there while I was gone, the bed was absolutely matted in her fur. But I cleaned the entire house today (vacuumed and dusted and cleaned the bathroom, that is) so her presence has been reduced. I can't explain it, but all that time in hostels having to wash up immediately after eating and dealing with grimy bathrooms has made me a bit dirt-phobic. Is this a whole new Sarah? Time will tell.

My garden is doing lovely, and uncle Don took the time to weed it a few times while I was gone (thanks!). The rest of the yard looks a bit bedraggled - its been two years with only basic maintenance - but we'll have it looking snazzy next year.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Can you help me go through 2000 pictures and create my own?

Love Mom from outside Detroit, heading east.

Sarah O. said...

Hilarious - I went to Scotland and I only took about 300 pics. It's hard pulling out your camera when there are normal every-day *Scottish* people watching you - but yes, I can certainly help you with a blog! If you remember, I tried to set you up with one before you left! :P