Friday, September 01, 2006

Heading home

This was the view over Halifax Harbour this morning as the sun rose. And I will be home this time tomorrow! It's still a bit strange to think you can cross the Atlantic in a day. I am glad to be coming home, to have my own bed, my kitty cat, see my friends and family again, and start a new school year (sorry, "uni," my friend Jennifer hates it when I call it school). However, I am also pretty sad. I don't feel like I've seen half as much as I should have, and that makes me feel like I've disappointed myself in travelling. It is hard getting all around Scotland, however, when you only have three weeks and you refuse to do the touristy things. Kind of limits your options in this well-developed tourist haven. Still, it was beautiful, and I can't wait to come back. Maybe with a little tent and a motorcycle, and all the pamphlets I have picked up on this trip. At least I've learned how to get over the conversion rate and just spend... as if that's a good thing, right?

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