Friday, September 01, 2006


I left Monday morning for Aberdeen, and stayed at Eilidh's flat, who is a friend of Jennifer and Susan's. It was a nice flat, although I stayed away for much of the evening waiting for the roomate to move out, and when I did go in, I found clear evidence the place had been lived in by a guy for most of the summer.

I haven't included any pictures of Aberdeen here. It is an attractive enough city, but I didn't altogether "dig the vibe" in the city. It's about the same size as Halifax, and supposedly quite enrichened by the offshore oil and gas industry, but while the harbours were busy enough, there were quite a few hooligans and homeless and down-on-their-luck types milling around...

The first day in Aberdeen I visited the Marischal Museum, a small Victorian collection of Everything in one of Aberdeen's universities. WELL! For a history geek like me, it was a dream. One gallery was rather cheekily organized alphabetically, using artifacts to explain Scottish history. The other was a collection of cultural and archaeological artifacts collected from around the world by the university's alumni. There are plenty of these hodge-podge museums in the country (the Kelvinside being the prima donna of them all), but I always found myself leaving them confused about what I had seen. The Marischal was wonderful because it acknowledged that Victorian aspect and encouraged visitors to view everything as a product of that peculiar cultural era. Fantastic.

Anyway, my second day in Aberdeen I met a girl on the bus to Dunottar Castle from Northern California. She talks more than my friend Sara, if any of you know her, and there wasn't a single pause in our conversation from 12 pm to 12 pm. It was fantastic. I made a friend! I took a picture at the pub we ate at, Ma Cameron's, where I had the Angus beef burger and it was delicious.

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