Sunday, August 27, 2006


I caught the Thursday ferry to Tiree, getting in about 6 pm. Jennifer's family own a home on Tiree's west coast. The view from the living room looks over a small bay full of ducks and seagulls, with the islands of Eigg, Rum, and Muck in the distance. It's a beautiful location, and a really beautiful island. I must have biked nearly 25 miles on Friday, but unlike Barra, was none the worse for wear. That is because Tiree, known as the "Land Below the Waves" is generally very flat (think Sable Island, only with rocks), full of white sand beaches, machair, and cattle.

I was intrigued to discover in one of the books on Tiree they had in the house, that most of the islands inhabitants became Baptists during a series of revivals following the Free Church split. So I biked off in search of the loch where generations of Baptist Tiree-ans were "dunked" (as we like to say in my family). I know I've already said it, but its a really lovely island, I can see why Jennifer's family has a home there (it's also known as the sunniest place in Scotland), as I wouldn't mind spending a lot more time there myself.

I'm pretty sure one of the sheep in this picture is sitting on the Ringing Stone, another one of those significant bronze or iron age sites that those animals have so little awe of. The first picture is one of Tiree's many wind-swept beaches. It was unfortunately cloudy while I was there, but that did not dampen my enjoyment.

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