Sunday, August 27, 2006


I just have to quickly post, that Scottish tablet is my new addiction. It is a fudge-like substance, only (as the tablet expert in Barra told me) it is cooled much faster than fudge giving it a more pleasant texture, making it less liable to give you sticky fingers, and it only comes in one flavour: tablet. It is sugary, buttery, and just downright delicious. The picture is the delicious hebridean tablet that I am really trying to save until I get home so Mom and Dad can have a piece (one piece, they can split it however they want *wink*). Which means in the interim, I will have to find another supplier!


Anonymous said...

dearest me too:
you are really gonna save a chocolate fudge like substance for your parents when you could just eat it yourself!!! you're nuts!!!
sounds like you are having a wonderful time!!!!
love me

Sarah O. said...

You remember my mother, its a big conundrum! I've found more tablet since writing that, though, so the Barra tablet is safe and sound... until September 6th. After that, no guarantees.

Anonymous said...

I hope you saved some tablet for me.

Love Mom