Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Old and Dead, What Fun!

Today I visited Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis, a huge old rich person's graveyard on a hill overlooking the city. There is something very eerie about the Necropolis, and it isn't just the name. These graves mark the cream of Glasgow society, in the height of its affluence. Each tomb is a testimony to a family's riches and status, and yet... there are so many. So many, in fact, that the impressive graves become anonymous pillars and obelisks and mausoleums, each blending into the next. The spookiest part of the graveyard, however, is walking amongst the terraced portions, and a piece of ivy moves in the breeze and you realize the entire terrace is covered with graves hidden by years and years worth of ivy. There was an especially creepy moment when I glimpsed two sisters side by side, buried I am sure in their virginal Victorian finery, their peaches and cream sking long turned to dust.

As you can tell, an already introspective person travelling alone can become a bit morbid when they spend a few hours in an old cemetary, with only themselves to talk to.

On a lighter note, here's a picture of Glasgow Cathedral (the ordinary person's half, not the plush choral section beyond that far wall), a fantastic old church dedicated to Saint Mungo. I also went to the Lord Provost house, the oldest House in Glasgow, where I had an interesting conversation about knife crimes, the powers of the Scottish Parliament, and the recent tourist pitches developed by the Scottish government, with a museum attendant.

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