Friday, August 11, 2006

Making the Rounds

I visited Chris and Jen yesterday. It was wonderful seeing Kohl and Kamron. Kohl loves to solve puzzles (and loves having people watch him solve puzzles, the little performer), and Kam is so cute and smiles when you talk to him. He loves mobiles, too, which is how I got this smile out of him. It will be a month before I get to see them again, and while that is generally how often I see them anyways, it's different when there is an ocean between you. I just love having nephews, and a sister-in-law, and a brother. I just love the whole world!

Kohl showing me his fireman raincoat.

Kam smiling!

Well it's nice to see my excitement is being channelled into positive emotions. I'd hate to be crabby and stressed the day before I leave. But crabby with who? I'm all alone! I heard a loud bouncing noise coming from my parents' room last night. Couldn't find the cause, so I slept with scissors under my pillow. Even though the security system was armed the whole time I was away yesterday! There is no reasoning away my innate fear of prowlers...

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