Monday, August 14, 2006

The flight

Well I made it, safe and sound, with no delays to complain of. I almost didn't make it on the plane, however. Half an hour to boarding, and my name gets called over the PA system. Now there should be no reason whatsover to call me over, so I get a silly little smile on my face, to be met by a silly little smile on the face of the Zoom employee. She tells me that there is a chair that has become inoperable on the plane (vomit? urine? broken buckle?) and rather than separate the family registered there, she decided to call all the singles on the flight and ask them to wait until tomorrow's flight. We singles are so beset upon (this happened to my friend Kristen once in LA). My instinctual guilt nature set in, and I really didn't want to wait a day. Then I realized I had no way of getting in touch with Jennifer to let her know I was delayed, so I shame-facedly told the woman I could not.

Back at my seat, I hung my head, hoping all the other fliers didn't know what a Selfish Single I was. Later on the plane, there was a woman standing near my seat looking cranky. The attendant told her it would be another minute. The repair men left (before the plane was finished boarding, there was really no reason to be so peeved), the woman sat down in a huff. Little did she realize she almost missed the flight! People often aren't aware when they should be thankful rather than irritated. And so I didn't mind the relatively short (20 min) trip through customs, even though I got one of bland officers and the friendly one was right next to me.

Today I'm going to the Kelvingrove and probably doing a bus tour. Thanks for reading! Sarah.

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