Saturday, August 19, 2006

First sight of the highlands

The road trip to Lochgilphead was fantastic, so beautiful and not very long. The highway followed along Loch Lomond for a bit, and then down Loch Fyne, and the hills were just fantastic. I honestly didn't think Scotland looked like this - I thought it was all a tourism ploy. But no, as I hope my pictures attest, it exists! The first is a picture of Rest and Be Thankful, which is currently a tourist stop off the highway, but used to be an actual place for travellers to rest and be thankful, since they had just trekked up that magnificent hill. The second was taken by Susan, Jennifer's sister, of me and a "highland coo" at Inverary Castle, the seat of the Duke of Argyll.

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Anonymous said...

Nice picture. If "highland coos" are anything like goats, they may very well headbutt you. So beware...

Oh PS, it's me, Yasmeen! I don't have a "blogger identity."