Thursday, August 17, 2006

Evil Hills

I really thought my legs would eventually get used to the constant activity demanded of them by this vacation, but alas, they continue to ache and the hills of Edinburgh aren't helping. I certainly didn't help my plight today by climbing up to Arthur's Seat, and the Scottish unwillingness to post maps of paths at the start of parks certainly didn't shave any distance off the route I took up that blasted "extinct volcano". As I climbed, I came to realize that "volcano" still had a tremendous ability to cause havoc and mayhem, and nicknamed it, inbetween gasps of breath, the "Mountain of Death."

But I made it to the top, only to find NO breeze and SWARMS of flying ants that kept pinging me in the face and attaching themselves to my clothes. Nasty. Really ruined my time up there, and I only got a few hazy pictures, but hey, I did it! And that means I saved 19 quid (quid, hee hee) by not going to either Holyrood Palace or Edinburgh Castle. Tomorrow morning, I search for cheezy tourist souvenirs, and I have to tell you, there are _so many_ silly tourist shops to choose from.

I think my hostel bed has fleas. That or midges can bite through clothes, which I don't believe is possible. Voracious they may be, but they are *leetle*.

Oh, and I also visited another graveyard. Naturally. But it was quite nice. Tomorrow, back to Glasgow! To do a load of clothes, blow dry my hair, and pack for my week in the islands! Packing for three days to Edinburgh really made me realize - I should have gone for the 50 litre pack. *sigh*. I'll try and make do.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need to bone up on your Halifax thighs. Dad and I did the Columbia Ice field, starting at 2000 meters and I had to rest on the way up to. Guess it runs in the family.