Friday, August 18, 2006

Back in Glasgow

I had an uneventful last half-day in Edinburgh and caught the 3:30 pm bus back to Glasgow. I did go in one or two tourist shops, but their souvenirs are all the same, a bit of a let-down really. I also went to the Writers Museum (free, of course) and looked at some Scott and Burns artifacts.

I have to say I'm having trouble parting with money. I calculated how much I could spend before I went away, and I'm nervous that if I spent this much on so little this week, my next two weeks, staying in hostels and buying bus and ferry tickets and the like, is going to break the bank. But I'm on vacation, I hope you are saying. Yes, but once the money is gone, there isn't any left! *sigh* But I only live once and I'm only in Scotland for the first time once...

And so you see it goes on and on.

I didn't take many pictures with my digital while I was in Edinburgh since I was working off the back-up battery for my camera, but I will just have to give in and buy some AAs and hope they last for more than ten pictures at a time. The above picture is the view from Arthur's Seat, before the flying ants got too bad, but also before the haze cleared up. The picture doesn't do the view justice. Below is a picture of the Greyfriars Bobby statue, a cute little dog who did vigil over his dead owner's grave for far too long (eg til death). Behind him is the bar where he took his daily bowl of ale (kidding, he ate oatmeal) (kidding again, he ate only haggis off a golden bowl). I think LM Montgomery got her idea for Jem's dog in Rilla of Ingleside during her honeymoon visit to Scotland. The stories are very similar, I'll have to read her journals again to confirm. Anyway, without further ado:

Tomorrow I believe Jennifer, her sister Susan and I are going to Lochgilphead. From there, Oban, and then, the world! Tell you the truth, I don't know just what islands I will be visiting yet, so I can assure you we are all waiting with baited breath to find out (that means me too).

PS: Can't get the first picture to load, I'll have to try again later.

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