Sunday, August 27, 2006

... And back to Glasgow

I took the train back from Glasgow on Saturday, so I would be back in time to go out and experience Glasgow's famous night life. The train trip was very nice, I couldn't completely crush my anticipation of taking a "Harry Potter" trip. I mean, even though it is not that *particular* route that appears in the films, the impression of highland hills and glens and rivers and the like is generally the same.

I am taking the bus to either Aberdeen or Inverness tomorrow morning. I have a place to stay for free in Aberdeen (Jennifer and Susan's friend Aislie's flat), and will probably stay in a hostel in Inverness if I can find a bunk. I have been thinking of buying a one-way ticket up by bus, and then splurging on the train on the way back. The Inverness-Glasgow route IS the one filmed for the Harry Potter films. Would it be appropriate to *wink* at this point?

Anyway, on the way back from Mull, I saw two gorgeous rainbows. The pictures aren't very good, because the scenery changes so quickly I didn't have time to get the best view or the rainbow at its brightest. There is also some glare from the train window. It was such a sight, though, coming around a bend to see a broad valley full of patchwork fields, and a full rainbow arching across. I mean, I actually saw where the rainbow met the ground. Probably missed out on a mean pot of gold, too.

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