Thursday, August 18, 2005

Kohl in my back yard. Yet another Intrepid Explorer picture, this one also reminds me a bit of an early Winnie the Pooh illustration. Rather than use his stick as a machete, Kohl chooses a more dapper approach to forest trekking.

Scarlet Runner Beans, 2004. I grew my scarlet runners up vertical poles last year, with pretty good success. This year, I went with a teepee form, which works even better, since it provides more support. The hummingbirds hover and feed all day long. Grandfather always grew scarlet runners, and I think of him every spring when I open the seed package and see those giant, sinister-looking purple beans waiting to grow into joyous, homey plants.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

California Poppies. Joyful flowers that will tolerate dry soil. A warning, though; they reseed themselves, and they're quite vigorous growers given the right conditions. They look so innocuous in the spring, with their blue-green feathery foliage. Then lo and behold, one morning each tiny plant you left standing is three feet across and choking out your english marigolds. Disaster. Posted by Picasa

My nephew Kohl absolutely loves his new boots. Puts me in mind of a 15-month-old courreur de bois Posted by Picasa

Why Share?

I don't really want to share. I just want some place to post pictures of my nephew and my gardens so I can show them to people when I'm at their houses. And google et al, well, they're definitely a step up from Microsoft.